Cable Eagle Hang Glider

Cable Eagle Hang Gliding

Feel the wind beneath your wings…

Thrill seekers, you can’t go past the Cable Eagle hang glide adventure. Feel the wind beneath your wings as you glide through tall trees and over the Huon River. You can even touch Tasmania’s famous Huon pine from the viewing platform.

Passengers are fitted with a harness by their instructor and given a safety briefing. The automated glider whisks you from the forest floor, 250 metres across the Huon River, to stop 50 metres in the air. You then automatically glide back to solid ground. No passenger participation required (apart from the occasional scream!). Passengers fly solo. Remember to wear enclosed footwear, allow for safety briefing time and enjoy the rush.

Cable Eagle Hang Gliding tickets can be purchased from the Visitor Centre Complex on site daily.

Due to safety requirements passengers must weigh between 25kg and 120kg.

WARNING If you intend to participate on the Cable Eagle Hang Glider recreational activity you need to be aware there is a potential risk of injury resulting from adverse weather conditions, mechanical failure or malfunction or other hazards. If you choose to participate in this recreational activity you must be prepared to accept the risk.

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